Stove Commercialization

In order to expand its project goals in Addis Ababa city and beyond; Gaia Association had made efforts to produce ethanol stove locally and commercialization incorporating with different partners.

Gaia provided financial and technical support to Makobu enterprise to establish local stove manufacturing plant and commercialize ethanol stoves in Ethiopian Market. However, the commercialization was highly challenged due to a number of reasons.

Gaia Association also made partnership with Former Women Fuel wood Carrier Association (FWFCA) to commercialize

200 stoves in low income member households of FWFCA with the support of USEPA.

Promotions of ethanol stoves through different exhibitions in Addis Ababa market has made and witnessed the high demand of the stove.

Gaia Association is now working on identifying possible partners for commercialization of CleanCook stove to provide technical support and produce the ethanol cook stove locally.