Holistic Feasibility Study of A National Scale-Up Program Regarding  Ethanol Stoves and Micro Distilleries

Gaia Association conducted feasibility study entitled “Holistic Feasibility study of national scale up program regarding ethanol stoves and micro distilleries” which investigated the feasibility of an up scaling plan for ethanol micro distilleries as a small business and potential of ethanol as cooking fuel nationwide.

The study has the following out comes

  • A production analysis and assessment of the potential feedstock’s for ethanol production in the country, a statement of where the feedstock is least or preferably not controversial in the food vs fuel debate,
  • Economic analysis regarding  financial viability, Value for Money (VfM), purchasing power and willingness to pay for the product and the economical sustainability of an ethanol project in the selected regions including market assessment.
  • Technological assessment on the national ability for manufacturing of stoves and ethanol micro distilleries, availability of land, materials for production and local capacity for construction.
  • A policy analysis on the current bottlenecks and unused opportunities that should be corrected or used to the energy markets benefit. The analysis compiles recommendations for the national agencies to implement, in order to reach the CRGE policy goals.

The whole study involves WoWIE and MEPF in the execution process and finally produced a report stating the gaps to be filled in both policy and capacity and disseminated to key stakeholders including Government, private sector and non-governmental development partners and the media