Demonstrating the Feasibility of Locally Produced Ethanol for Household Cooking from Waste in Addis Ababa

Gaia Association contributes to poverty reduction and climate mitigation by enabling access to clean, safe, renewable and locally produced household cooking fuels to displace the traditional use of biomass for cooking in Ethiopian communities.

With this objective Gaia Association introduced a technology to produce ethanol in micro scale and launched the Addis Ababa Ethanol Micro Distillery (EMD) project after establishing partnership with Project Gaia Inc (PGI), Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and The World Bank for the end use of Former Women Fuelwood Carriers Association (FWFCA).

The project targets to install 1000 lit/day ethanol producing distillery plant at Akaki Kality sub city of Addis Ababa to supply ethanol and distribute ethanol fuelled cooking stoves to 1000 low and middle income households at the outskirts of Addis Ababa by establishing a community owned and run EMD.

Members of the Former Women Fuelwood Carrier Association will own and run the Ethanol Micro Distillery to generate income.